A Simple Sign-In tool for your Athletes to log in with

A Simple Sign-In tool for your Athletes to log in with

Although most of your athletes will access their records and tools via the Box Command mobile app, you can still provide a way for them to access their records and tools online as well (the web experience for end-users may be hurtin' but it ain't dead yet!).

To place a simple login frame anywhere on your website, simply place the following single line of code within a <frame> or <div> element* wherever appropriate on your site:


*Note that this tool is designed to pick up the background color of whatever parent element it is placed in.

For additional details on how to make this tool jump through other kinds of hoops, log into your Box Command administrative portal and click on the Help icon in the top-right of your screen.  From there, click on the "Plug-Ins for your Website!" tab to see a list of all the tools for your website.  Click on the Simple Login Box (in the Login & Register column of plug-ins) for additional information on how to use this tool in your website. 
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