How do I manage my athletes' service accounts?

How do I manage my athletes' service accounts?

You don't.

Box Command automatically manages your day-to-day membership service accounts and only alerts you to the exceptional issues that it cannot handle on its own.

Box Command indicates accounts it is handling on its own with green or blue.  Accounts that have not been responsive to its attempts to manage, it will flag in red.  Examples of these might be accounts it has tried to collect from multiple times and the athlete has not responded by updating their payment information.  The first time an account fails billing in a pay period, it is moved from the Active bar (in the first chart below) to the Payment is Due bar, but it is marked as green to indicate that the system is still automatically managing that account.  After period to give the athlete time to update their account or pay down their credit card, the system will try again.  If the account is still unresponsive, the system will change the highlight on the account to red, indicating that athlete should be contacted to resolve the payment issue.  The system will also add a red note beside the athlete's name in the roll call so that the coach of any class the athlete attends is made aware that the athlete should talk to management about their account.

The various reasons that Box Command might flag an account in red are all exception cases.  This is the true power of the Box Command system built on the Xtentia Enterprise platform:  by taking over as many of your normal business processes as possible, you only have to handle the exception processes -- and you don't have to go looking for them -- the system collects the exception cases together in one area so you can take care of them all at once.

In the charts below, the entire bar beside Partial Sign-Ups is red, indicating that these 9 new accounts have had time to finish signing up but have not done so.  Also in the charts below, part of the Payment is Due bar is red.  Clicking to expand the bar (see second chart below) shows 3 accounts that have failed their first collections attempt by the system and 4 accounts that have failed both collections attempts by the system.  Clicking anywhere on any of these accounts will bring up all the information you need to resolve the situation with that account.

Box Command is designed to keep then noise and clutter down so you only have to pay attention to the things that matter.
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